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Hunger can affect anyone...and anyone can affect hunger. These words have real meaning. It is not uncommon to find people needing emergency food assistance who never could have imagined they'd be in that situation. Sometimes, it's a work lay-off, a strike, an illness, or some other stroke of bad luck that can bring a family to the door of a community food pantry or soup kitchen. Sometimes domestic violence forces a woman and her children into shelter; other times, someone may become disabled and homebound and unable to fend for herself; or when a minimum wage job forces a parent to choose between paying the rent and feeding his children.

These are some of the reasons why so-called average people may find themselves in need. Fortunately, the Shepherd's Pantry and its safety net of member agencies are there when the need for food assistance arises.  

It is also a reality than anyone can affect hunger.

Here are some of the ways you can help:

    Volunteer at the Pantry to help prepare food for distribution
    Support one of our many events
    Organize a food drive
    Make a financial contribution
    Ask your employer to make a matching contribution

For more information on the pantry and how you can help, please call 508-763-9289

              Second Harvest Food Bank
                      Bread For The World
      Project Bread
             Food Action Center

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